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Don’t you just hate when cups explode in your hand? And I’m not even being sarcastic. At work, a cup exploded in my hand. I bled through two bandaids. I hate when that happens.

Inferno’s was completely dead tonight. I think we had 5 reservations. I just got paid for three hours of sitting around eating. Seriously. I spent more time on my shift munching on fries, bread, mussels, coffee, and Pepsi than serving customers. Love my job :P

So this evening I was at St. Vital Centre with my parents to get my car registered (not important, but woohoo!). My dad and I see an elderly gentleman probably around 85-90 years old hobbling about with his walker. What’s he got on his walker? A tiny little La Vie En Rose bag! What will he being with that you may ask? Well we saw him later in London Drugs with who seemed to be his wife. At least 10 years younger than him! What a guy. “Hey honey, look what I gotcha! Why don’t ya gimme a little show eh ;)”

For all my airsofting friends, my gun broke and I have a full 1kg bag of white G&G biodegradable BBs left for sale, trade, best offer, deal sort of thing. Let me know if you need/want them.

Last night I just got back from an awesome few days at the cabin and now tomorrow morning we’ll be on the road to Alberta to see family and explore the Rocky Mountains. Can’t wait to take some amazing pictures of Lake Louise, the glaciers, and all the other beautiful scenery our great country has to offer.

Oh boy, have I got a rant for you today. I’ll tell this story as I saw it so you can understand my rage. A couple days ago, my family and I were driving home from a baseball game around 10:30 PM. As we’re driving south-bound on Main St. approaching Portage, I notice something holding up traffic at the intersection. It was pretty dark already, so it was hard to make it out, but it looked to me like there was a bike accident or something. There wasn’t a lot of cars on the road at this time so we were driving fairly quick (65km/h) but then some other car speeds past us in the lane to the left of us directly towards the obstruction in the intersection. He slammed on his brakes and starts honking his horn. My dad slowed down the car so we could see what was happening. Here’s the deal. It was some family riding in one of those pull-cart taxi things GETTING THEIR PICTURE TAKEN. IN THE MIDDLE (AND I MEAN DIRECT FREAKING MIDDLE) OF PORTAGE AND MAIN. For all you country-folk, this is not your average-sized intersection!! THIS INTERSECTION IS SO BUSY THEY DON’T EVEN HAVE PEDESTRIAN CROSS-WALKS! AND THESE IDIOTS ARE COMPLETELY STOPPED TO HAVE A STUPID PICTURE TAKEN. They even had two very young children on their stupid pull-cart! I wouldn’t stop to have a picture taken even if it was like Burland at St. Mary’s! (For those of you who don’t know where that is, that’s the point.) What kills me is that when all these drivers are blaring their horns at them, the lady has this “What? What? What could we possibly be doing wrong in this situation? Oh well, take another shot with all the held-up traffic in the background. They can wait for us.” look on her face. But who am I to blame them. Maybe they’re tourists from Bangladesh or some other country where it’s normal to take pictures at 10:30 PM in the busiest intersection of the city. PS Sorry about the “It’s raining!” posts. I’ll fix it.

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